Supply of Set of A 20 Flange for 20NB Pipe Consisting of (1.) Flange A20 for 20NB Pipe, as per RCF Drawing No.CC36674 & MDTS 110 REV 01-Qty-1 Nos., (2.) Socket A20, as per RCF Drawing No. CC36675& MDTS 110 Rev 01, Qty-1 Nos. (3.) Sealing Ring For A20 NB Pipe, as per RCF Drawing CC35318 at Jabalpur, Madhya pradesh, Madhya Pradesh

Storage Boxes Tender Posted on :  05 Dec, 2023
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Bidding System : Single Packet Bidding Type : Normal Tender Contract Category : Expenditure Evaluation Criteria : Itemwise/Consigneewise IrepsQuantity : 890.00 Numbers Ranking order : Lowest to Highest Tender Type : Limited - Indigenous Bid Offer Validity : 60

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    Storage Boxes

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Jabalpur - Madhya Pradesh

  • Contact no.:+91-9752418781
  • Address:Jabalpur, Madhya pradesh, Jabalpur - Madhya Pradesh