Latest Indian Tenders for Batteries / Inverter / UPS

Increasing use of electrical products in our life has lead to the advent of storage devices and batteries. To meet up the requirement electric supply batteries and Inverters are widely use. These products have a huge business scope as they are high in demand. Find below all the latest tender information on Batteries, Inverter, UPS and much more.
Due Date: 2024-02-21
Dhanbad, Jharkhand
Products : Line Interactive UPS,UPS
Document Submit Before : 2024-02-21
Due Date: 2024-02-23
Nangal, Punjab
Products : Batteries,Scrap Batteries,DOL Starter,Starters,Line Testers,Phone Line Tester,PVC Tape,Steelgrip Electrical Insulation Tapes
Document Submit Before : 2024-02-23
Due Date: 2024-02-24
West Siang, Arunachal Pradesh
Products : Lead Acid Battery,Lead Battery
Document Submit Before : 2024-02-24
Due Date: 2024-02-29
Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Tender Value : Rs 1050000.0 /-
EMD : Rs 21000.0 /-
Products : Power Supply Systems,Switch Mode Power Supply,Electric Cable,Power Cable,Hard Disk Drive,WD Hard Disk Drive,UPS,Home UPS,Light Emitting Diode,SMD LED
Document Submit Before : 2024-02-29
Due Date: 2024-02-29
Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Products : Desktop Computer,Computer Systems,UPS,Home UPS,Printers for Home,Multifunction Printer
Document Submit Before : 2024-02-29
Due Date:
Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Products : Megaphone,Dry Cell Battery
Document Submit Before : 2024-02-21
Due Date: 2024-02-20
Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh
Products : Desktop Computer,Refurbished Computer,Laptops,Lenovo Laptops,Line Interactive UPS,UPS,Mobile Tablet,Tablet PC
Document Submit Before : 2024-02-20
Due Date: 2024-02-21
Jagannath Puri, Odisha
Products : Desktop Computer,Dell Desktop Computer,Desktop Computer,Personal Computers,UPS,Home UPS,Digital Camera,Compact Digital Camera,Multifunction Printer,Canon Multifunction Printer,Color Printers,Xerox Color Printer,Tablet PC,Industrial Rugged Tablet PC,Antivirus Software,Application Software Packages,Welding Consumables,Medical Consumables
Document Submit Before : 2024-02-21
Due Date: 2024-02-21
Rajauri, Jammu & Kashmir
Products : Truck Body,E Rickshaw Body,Rechargeable Battery,Battery Recharger,Amaron Quanta Inverter Battery,SMF Battery,SMF Battery,Automotive Battery,Rechargeable Battery,Battery Recharger,Lithium Battery,Lithium Coin Cell Battery,AA Rechargeable Battery,NiMH Rechargeable Battery
Document Submit Before : 2024-02-21
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